mothers ring

Choosing the right birthstone ring can be a tough task to do, especially if you have no idea where to start. Birthstones are precious gems that are representative of the period of your life and choosing the right ring can make a real statement to people of all ages. When you put two stones together, they not only represent you and your time, but they can also represent your love for your spouse, or the things that you stand for in life. There are some things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect gift for that special someone.birthstone ring

It has become somewhat of a tradition that seven business days should be spent wearing the birthstone ring that is given to you on that particular day. They also say that fourteen days later, they should exchange it. So, if you were to give someone rings on the 7th business day of their life, then it would be considered a present. Giving them one on the 14th day would be considered giving them a gift, and wearing it for an additional seven days makes it official. The perfect birthstone ring is a gift that mean so much to the wearer, and that they are able to wear it with pride every single day. Some of the most popular gemstones to give and wear include amethyst, coral, garnet, tourmaline, ruby, aquamarine and quartz.

mothers ring

For those of you who aren't sure what birthstone ring is, here is a quick breakdown. An eternity band is made by placing three sets of gemstones in a circle and wrapping it around your finger. There is usually a birthstone ring at the center of this, which represents your birth month. This is followed by an inside band, which represents your birthstone. Finally, you will have a bezel set gemstones that surround the gemstone and completes the band.

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mothers ring
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