China Freezer'S Evaporation Tube

The freezer is another name for a refrigerator. In recent years, china freezer has become more and more popular, and there are many external sales.

All evaporating tubes of high-quality refrigerators are made of high-quality copper coils and processed into wide-faced special shapes. The surface of the stainless steel plate is smooth and clean, and the thickness of the whole plate is uniform. The use of an appropriate thickness not only ensures a long service life but also makes the appearance of the refrigerator flat and strong. Copper pipes have a better cooling effect and better corrosion resistance than aluminum pipes or composite pipes. High-quality copper coils have the advantages of higher cleanliness in the pipes and fewer pipe joints, which can effectively prevent leakage or blockage in the refrigeration system. The round tube is processed into a rectangle so that the contact between the evaporation tube and the cold transfer liner changes from point contact to surface contact, which enlarges the transfer area and speeds up the cooling speed.

With the development of technology, the types of freezers have become more and more. In addition to some conventional freezers, the solar dc freezer has also appeared using technology, which converts solar energy into electricity for cooling.

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China Freezer'S Evaporation Tube
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