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Tips about Preventing Mycotic Vaginitis

Mycotic vaginitis, which is characterized by character changes in leucorrhea and itching and burning of vulva, painful intercourse is also one of the common symptoms.  When the infection affects the urethra, patients may have symptoms such as urodynia, urinary urgency and others. 

Common mycotic vaginitis includes nonspecific mycotic vaginitis, trichomonal mycotic vaginitis, candidal mycotic vaginitis, and senile mycotic vaginitis. The harm brought by mycotic vaginitis can not be neglected, it is a kind of disease whose hazards cover a wide range and concerned by patients. To avoid the harm of the disease, we must combine our actual situation and correctly grasp the prevention.

How should mycotic vaginitis be prevented?

1. Underwear with Comfortable Material

Do not wear tight underwear made of chemical fiber. It is best to choose loose, breathable underwear made of natural fabrics such as cotton, which not only can protect the health, avoid vulvovaginal candidiasis, but also comfortable. What’s more, do not borrow other people's underwear and swimsuits.

If you accidentally suffer from mycotic vaginitis, you must treat it positively in time. Conservative and safe Chinese medicine can be considered, such as Fuyan Pill, which is a typical drug in the treatment of vaginitis, natural herbs in the prescription such as honeysuckle, Poria cocos, and Scutellaria balcalensis, they have effects of heat-clearing and detoxifying and sterilizing, which can effectively kill all the bacteria, pathogen, such as candida, mycoplasma, etc. 

2. Emphasis on Personal Hygiene in Public Occasion

Avoid sitting toilets when going to the public restrooms, showering is advocated. And do not swim in pools that are not strictly disinfected.

3. No Abuse of Antibiotics

The long-term use of antibiotics can destroy the restrictive relationship between vaginal bacteria and candida may lose the inhibition of excessive growth and pathogenicity.

4. Positive Treatment of Diabetes

Patients with diabetes can use soda water to clean vulva, improve vaginal pH, and inhibit the growth of fungi.

5. Correct Use of Contraceptives

If women who use drug contraception suffer from mycotic vaginitis repeatedly, they should stop using contraceptives and turn to other methods of contraception.

6. Strengthen Your Physique

Exercise more in daily life, enhance body immunity and reduce bacterial invasion.

7. Develop Good Hygienic Habits

Wash your hands before going to the toilet, don't abuse dirty toilet paper, wipe your vulva from front to back after defecation, wash your vulva daily, change your underwear and put it in a ventilated place to dry, use your own pots and towels, and wash your underwear and socks in different pots.

8. Pay Attention to Diet and Eat Less High-Sugar Food

If you want to stay away from the mold, you need to start with diet and exercise and keep your blood sugar at a normal level. A light diet should be the better choice, eat less high sugary, less stimulating food.

9. Not excessively hygienic

Some patients say they pay great attention to hygiene when they see a doctor. They should clean their vulva 2-3 times a day, and use a washing machine or hand to clean their vagina every time. In fact, this practice is wrong. Because the vaginal environment is weakly acidic, cleaning the vagina will destroy the weak acidic environment of the vagina and the mutual restriction between bacteria, to reduce the resistance of the vaginal epithelium, causing vaginitis caused by Candida or other bacteria.

The effects of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, nourishing spleen, and disinhibiting dampness can help patients regulate menstruation and abnormal leucorrhea, and eliminate patients' discomfort.

In conclusion, Patients must consider your actual condition and choose a proper treatment, to help patients recover as soon as possible, and then get rid of the unnecessary risks and hazards caused by the disease, to ensure safety and health.

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Tips about Preventing Mycotic Vaginitis
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