Female Lesson -- How To Solve Endometriosis In A More Natural Way

Endometriosis takes up for approximately 15% of childbearing age. This is a condition in which the uterus linings spread out of the uterus. Most of them may run into the abdominal cavity of the genital and adjacent organs, including ovary, uterus, ligament, rectum, bladder, and other places far from the uterus like liver and kidney.


Endometriosis occurring in the uterorectal fossa and vaginal septum can make the surrounding tissue swelling and impacts the sex. And when suffering from inherent endometriosis, menstrual volume will be enhanced, and menstrual period will be extended. Dysmenorrhea is also a common and distinct symptom.


In some cases, pelvic endometriosis can result in adhesion around the fallopian tube, leading to lumen blockage. The ovarian lesions may likewise impact the normal progress of ovulation, thereby resulting in female sterility.


In clinical practice, long-time and continuous usage of larger dose of progesterone drugs can affect the menstruation. Endometrium and ectopic endometrium can act in response to medicines. Generally speaking, there are many medicines used. The therapy must be carried out for at least half a year prior to the heterotopic lining suspends moving and tends to shrink.


Chemical drugs usually features many side effects, so it is not always suggested to use these medicine for to long. While a more natural way is the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which is a natural formula that can help you improve the pelvic cavity.


This medicine can react nicely on solving inflammation, infection and abnormal tissues, to effectively unblock the fallopian tubes and improve the female body immunity. It usually has no side effect or drug resistance, so females can use the medicine for a long period of time to fully improve their symptoms induced by endometriosis and body fitness.


However, in serious cases, when chocolate cysts emerges on the ovaries, and the lesion tends to be larger in volume, or endometrial nodules with diameters over 2 cm are observed elsewhere, it is better to take surgical therapy in a timely manner.


On condition that the sufferer is young and childless, only the endometriosis lesions should be removed while the uterus and normal ovarian tissues are left, which is called conservative surgery. This approach preserves the possibility of fertility, but there is a greater chance of recurrence.


In the event that the suffer has kids and she is over 40, the expert may cut the lesions as well as the uterus while the normal ovarian tissues can be remained, which is named semi-conservative surgery. This method is better than conservative surgery, while it does not avoid the recurrence.


When the suffer is about to have menopause, or the endometriosis becomes too serious, which becomes hard to terminate fully with medication, then the uterus and ovaries need to be cut along, namely radical surgery. It can make female infertile, so you should think twice before doing this.

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Female Lesson -- How To Solve Endometriosis In A More Natural Way
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