Fire protection principle of steel structure building

Steel structure building has the characteristics of high strength and light weight, improved power and speed, and has been widely used in the construction industry, and the ductility and seismic resistance of steel structure are outstanding, the construction time is short, and it has been increasingly used in building construction.

However, the high temperature resistance of the steel structure is not very good. In the case of a fire, the temperature of the steel structure will rise to more than 540 degrees in just a quarter of an hour. The steel structure is easily deformed at high temperatures, which may cause accidents. The construction of the fireproof coating happens.

The principle of fire protection and heat insulation of ultra-thin or thin steel structure fire-retardant coatings is that the fire-retardant coating layer expands and foams when exposed to fire to form a foam. The foam layer not only insulates oxygen, but also has an outstanding thermal insulation function because of its loose texture. It can delay the heat transfer to the substrate to be protected. According to the analysis of physical and chemical principles, the process of the foam layer due to the expansion and foaming of the coating undergoes an endothermic reaction due to the expansion of the volume, which also consumes the heat during combustion, which is beneficial to decrease The temperature of the system and the effects of these aspects make the fire-resistant coating produce obvious fire and heat insulation effects.

The fireproof and heat insulation principle of thick steel structure fireproof coating applied on steel components is that when the fireproof coating is exposed to fire, the volume of the coating basically does not change, but the thermal conductivity of the coating is very low, which delays the transfer of heat to the insured substrate The fireproof coating itself is non-combustible, and it has the effect of shielding and avoiding heat radiation to the steel components, avoiding direct flame and high temperature attack on the steel components.

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Fire protection principle of steel structure building
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