China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturers Zinc Die Casting Defect Treatment Solutions

Zinc die casting is a kind of die casting parts. However, due to the late start of our country, there will still be some problems in production. Although China zinc die casting manufacturer have been constantly trying to repair these shortcomings, some problems still failed. has been solved. Today we will talk about the treatment of swelling on the surface of castings with micro-cracks. 

Chemical analysis: The alloy composition meets the requirements. Metallographic analysis: found a lot of pores. Reasons for defects: a.  Open the mold too early to eject the casting;  b. The mold temperature may be too high during ejection. Because there are a large number of bubbles inside the casting, when the metal solidification time is not enough, the strength is not established, and the mold is opened prematurely to eject the casting, and the compressed bubbles expand to bulge the surface of the casting and cause thermal cracks. Solution: Adjust the process parameters of the die casting process to keep the mold longer; reduce the mold temperature in the defect area.

However, the rapid development of China lead die casting , zinc die castings and other die castings has indeed brought a lot of economic benefits and market benefits to our country, which should not be underestimated. Therefore, it is the most important thing to try to perfect the lack of die-casting parts and produce relatively perfect die-casting parts.

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China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturers Zinc Die Casting Defect Treatment Solutions
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