5 Benefits of Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

In the recent years digital marketing has gained a lot of traction. It has captured the imagination of marketers who want to create a strong brand positioning for their brands. This is so because digital marketing has proved to be a highly effective medium of marketing in comparison to traditional offline marketing methods. Understanding the importance of digital marketing, many freshers and working professionals are taking up a digital marketing course in India or abroad to accelerate their careers.

Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services over the internet. Some common methods of digital marketing include influencer marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), affiliate marketing, display advertising etc.

Traditional marketing is anything other than digital marketing. It can be any one of the conventional marketing methods such as television commercials, print ads, radio ads, events, billboards etc.

Digital marketing is being preferred by several companies over conventional marketing these days. This is because of some of its significant benefits. Five such key benefits are listed below –

1. Digital marketing is more cost effective in comparison to traditional marketing

Traditional modes of marketing require huge budgets. Running television commercials across various targeted television channels requires media buying which is an expensive affair. Similarly, print media is also highly expensive in addition to running events all over the country. The high cost of rentals, production, manpower and monitoring across all the above-mentioned mediums leads to organizations spending a major portion of their marketing budget on them. In contrast, digital marketing requires a fraction of cost to reach the same number of customers or geographies through social media channels, search engines, emails and shopping portals.

2. Digital marketing provides measurable results and high-quality analytics

Because every data of digital marketing can be accessed, it is possible for digital marketers to analyse it and get improved results from their marketing campaigns. The data from social media channels, websites etc can be analysed and used to derive insights. These insights help in creating the right marketing campaign on the right digital channel for the desired customer segment.

3. Digital marketing provides an instant feedback

Digital marketing utilises internet to communicate the customers of a brand’s benefits. The channel of communication can be a social media portal like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. It can also use its own website link in its campaigns and ask customers to visit its shopping portal. Whichever way a company chooses to advertise its product on the internet, it can easily track if the customers are interested in the product or not. They can check how many customers are clicking on the link or the social media engagement around the campaign through the hashtags etc. Thus, digital marketing provides an instant and accurate feedback which was rare through traditional marketing methods.

4. Digital marketing provides higher engagement

Digital marketing can provide an opportunity to connect with the customer in an organic manner. Through methods like search engine optimisation, it can appear on a customer’s search engine results only when the customer is looking for a solution that is related to the brand. Similarly, brand stories on Twitter or Facebook create a platform of engaging constructively with the customers. Customers can also touch base with the company for complaint redressal or any other inputs.

5. Digital marketing is non-intrusive

Digital marketing is non-intrusive compared to traditional marketing. The people who buy newspapers do not buy it for the advertisements in them. Even so a large part of a print publication is dedicated to advertisements. This means an already lower level of interest in the advertisement for the customers. The same goes for television channels or radio channels. Customers watch television for their favourite shows and listen to radio for podcasts and songs. These days, streaming services like Netflix are completely ad free and people love to binge watch shows on them. We can hence, safely say that traditional marketing method are usually intrusive and ignored as much as they can.

However, digital advertising allows a customer to choose to see an ad or not. In most cases, a digital promotion does not force itself on the customer. A customer can choose to ignore a promotional email. He can choose to not pay attention to the search engine sponsored results. He can minimise the display ads when he considers them to be a disturbance.

Digital marketing has provided several far reaching benefits to the marketers due to which it has become increasingly popular with organizations, marketers as well as the customers. with immense benefits, this industry has outgrown to become the integral element of any business’s success. Experts in digital marketing are leading the digital path for their organisations and thus right set of skills can help professionals pursue a lucrative career.

So if you are or wish to excel in digital marketing and most in this sector, pursuing a Digital Marketing Institute in Pune is the best career decision you can take in recent times.

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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
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