ECG trunk Cable for NT3A Multi-parameter Patient Monitors

To use the NT3A, we have to use all different lead wires and sensors to monitor different data. For an ECG test, the trunk cable is recommended.

The Philips Compatible ECG Trunk Cable with 3-lead wire twin pin connector supports to work with the Newtech NT3A monitor. The cable has a TPU material jacket that is fully shielded. It can work with the original lead wires and other standard wires to simplify the clinical workflows. Also, to guarantee the quality, the trunk cable has passed the related test and get the certification from the FDA, CE, ISO10993-1, 5, 10:2003E, TUV, RoHS Compliant.

Except for the NT3A, if you have the following models in use, you can also connect the cable to them:

Nihon Kohden: NT3B, Omnicare CMA
Philips: 43100A, 43110A, 43120A, 78352C, 78354A/C, 78354C, 78834A/B/C, 78834C, 862472, 862473, 862474, 862474 C3, 862475, 862478, 862479, 863064, 863065, 863066, 863068, Agilent, Agilent 50XM, C Series, C3, CX50, Envisor, HD15, HeartStart MRx, HeartStart XL, Heartstart, Heartstream, IE33, IntelliVue, IntelliVue MX800, M1001A, M1001B, M1002A, M1002B, M1165A, M1166A, M1167A, M1175A, M1177A, M1204A, M1205A, M1264A, M1275A Transport, M1276A, M1280A, M1722A, M1722B, M1723A, M1723B, M2, M2475B, M2601A, M3, M3000A, M3001A, M3002A MMS X2, M3535A, M3536A, M4, M4735A, M8102A MP2, M8105A MP5, MP 20, MP 30, MP 50, MP 60, MP 70, Merlin, SureSigns:  VM6, SureSigns VM8, V24, V24E, V26, Viridia, М3046А
Smiths Medical > BCI: SurgiVet V9200
Solaris: NT3C, NT3E, NT3F
Welch Allyn: 242, Propaq Encore 206EL

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ECG trunk Cable for  NT3A Multi-parameter Patient Monitors
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