How to choose a quality dental handpiece?


A quality dental handpiece is crucial to everyday practice and achieving optimal treatment outcomes. For that reason, it’s important that dentists take their time when choosing a new handpiece, as it might make all the difference to the end result. To facilitate the decision making process, here are some key factors to consider.

Air system versus electric system

One of the biggest advantages of an air-driven handpiece is the weight. Compared to electric systems, they are typically considered to be smaller, lighter and easier to handle, which naturally in turn can help to reduce fatigue and aid with ergonomic practice. On top of that, the initial purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs are generally lower with air systems, though the noise and level of vibration tend to be much greater than electric handpieces.


Handpieces with an integrated LED light source that can directly illuminate the treatment site are ideal, as they provide greater vision and accuracy during use. Not all handpieces are designed with this function, so if daylight quality illumination is high up on your wish list you may need to be more specific with your search.


If you’re hoping to save on cost by using what you’ve already got be sure to check compatibility beforehand.

Even the most high-quality, robust handpieces are liable to breakdown or require replacement parts, so finding a manufacturer that offers a first class repair service and technical support is crucial. If you are interested in the dental equipments ,check here more “dental online store china

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How to choose a quality dental handpiece?
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