Where are gel scarves usually used in life?

Shanghai Gel King Insulation Company is a professional gel ring manufacturer. The company's products include gel scarf, cool seal ring, etc. The common feature of these products is the use of environmentally friendly materials, which can be reused.

Today we will talk about the efficacy and use of gel scarves. If you are interested, let’s read on.


1. Work and study: refreshing and relieving fatigue

2. Picnic travel: heatstroke prevention and cooling, skin care and eye protection

3. Physical fitness: cool down and absorb sweat, relax and cool

4. Heatstroke and fever: rapid cooling, pain relief and refreshing

5. Insufficient sleep: eliminate eye bags and dark circles

Instructions for use:

1. For the first use, please immerse the ice towel in water and fully absorb the water (about 2 minutes) before use.

2. Take out and dry the surface with a dry towel, and wear the ice towel on the neck, head, wrists, etc.

3. The ice towel can be used repeatedly. After 24 hours of use, the ice-cold belt will return to its original state of use, and it can be stored after drying, or it can be used continuously. To use again, just soak in water. Be careful not to soak for too long.

4. If the scarf is dirty, it can be washed gently with running water, do not use washing machine and detergent.

For more creative applications, you can click on the link below to learn about: gel eye mask.

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Where are gel scarves usually used in life?
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