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Blackout Curtain Fabric Suppliers: Are blackout curtains important?


Qian Sifang wishes everyone a Merry Christmas in advance: "Warm blessings, and hope that your family will have more comfort, happiness, and hope during Christmas."

  For many people, blackout curtains are a necessity at night because they protect sleepers from too much light, which interferes with the circadian rhythm and reduces the quality and duration of sleep. Unlike standard curtains, blackout curtains are composed of thick foam and fabric layers to prevent even light from entering the bedroom. In addition, blackout curtains can play a role in cooling, especially in hotter climates, and can block outside noise.

  Most blackout curtains today generally fall into one of two categories. Two-pass curtains have two foam layers attached to the fabric: black foam inside and white foam outside. Many owners use liners with double curtains. The middle of the three-time curtain is a white foam layer and a black foam layer. This makes their appearance more uniform and may not require lining. Our website is:

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Blackout Curtain Fabric Suppliers: Are blackout curtains important?
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