How to Ensure Quality Sheet Metal Parts

To ensure quality Sheet Metal Parts (XINGHUI), a press brake must compensate for frame deflection via accurate crowning. New technology can accomplish this. In one case, a sensor in the press-brake ram detects bowing. While shearing alters the grain in sheetmetal, plasma, laser and oxyfuel cutting all generate localized thermal shocks on sheet edges and hole perimeters that cannot be ignored.

For these reasons, a good press brake cannot and must not rely upon any type of database, and, instead, should be based on estimating or forecasting software. Simply put, no algorithm can predict sheetmetal reaction. To think that steel behaves as a perfect and unchangeable material is a delusion that soon leads to a bad awakening.

Down the line, errors in forming lead to difficulties in welding, painting and joining, especially on close-tolerance parts. Material waste and working hours will skyrocket. These four factors can drastically reduce company margins if they are ignored. Press brakes and their operators must know the sheetmetal, and must adapt to changes in order to achieve ideal results.

The only way to manage crowning is to use a system that measures actual deformation and corrects it in real time. Only with such a technology can one ensure that, regardless of material characteristics, results will mesh with requirements. Any other system will lower bending quality and negatively affect finished products.

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How to Ensure Quality Sheet Metal Parts
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