Why Does Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Break Out In Unmarried Females

As one of common illnesses in females, pelvic inflammatory disease does huge harm to female health. Even most of sufferers with pelvic inflammatory disease are married females, it is still possible for unmarried females to suffer from this problem. Why is that?


Doctors point out that there are usually three reasons related to the emergence of pelvic inflammatory disease in unmarried females.


1. Masturbation with dirty appliances


Masturbation common occur on unmarried females. Unclean fingers or dirty appliances can carry various pathogens. When these adverse substances enter the vagina and rub the vaginal wall, they will probably infect the vagina, and later the uterine and oviducts, leading to inflammation in the pelvic cavity.


2. Bad habits in daily life


Vulva parts are wet and hot, which is a proper environment for the breeding of bacteria. Regularly cleaning can keep it clean. If vulva area can not be cleaned in a time manner, large amount of bacteria will infect your body, especially during the menstruation. As you know, female body immunity is lowered during the menstruation, it will be more easy for bacteria to infect the vagina and the whole genital system. Swimming during periods can be most risky.


3. The occurrence of appendicitis


Appendicitis can be one of the causes of pelvic inflammatory disease as well. Appendicitis left untreated may cause a spread of inflammation to the pelvic cavity. Acute enteritis can also give rise to inflammation in female genital system as well.


Therefore, it is commonly suggested that as long as you have detected any sign of diseases, you are supposed to go see the doctor in a time manner. While as the same time, it is also needed to develop and maintain good living habits, to prevent yourself from various illnesses effectively.


Pelvic inflammatory disease affects womans fitness both physically and psychologically. As a result, when you have the symptoms, the timely treatment in the hospital is needed. You should also make decisions appropriately in this situation. Do not take medicine at will in any cases. 


Usually, Chinese medicine treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease can eradicate the disease from the root. For example, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease can be used to improve immunity, and meanwhile, it can contribute to promote pelvic blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition, and improve metabolism. It is a good option for females to solve pelvic problems and maintain the pelvic fitness.

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Why Does Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Break Out In Unmarried Females
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