New Generation TV Set Mould

Nowadays, most young people of the new generation like to use mobile phones, but few people use TV to watch TV. Especially young people who work outside rent a house and rarely buy a house outside, so most renters do not have a TV. machine. TVs are big and heavy, and most of them won't buy them. Unless they are at home, they will use the TV slightly. As TV sets become less and less used, the requirements for TV set mould is getting higher and higher.

A new generation of mold CAD/CAM software technology At present, mold software developed by some universities and research institutions in Britain, the United States, Germany and other countries and my country has a new generation of intelligence, integration and mold manufacturing capabilities. Mold CAD/CAM software. Features such as sexual evaluation.

The new generation of mold software should be based on a large amount of knowledge summed up from mold design practice. This knowledge has been systematically and scientifically classified, stored in the engineering knowledge base in a specific form, and can be easily called by the mold. With the support of intelligent software, mold CAD is no longer an imitation of traditional design and calculation methods, but under the guidance of advanced design theories, making full use of the rich knowledge and successful experience of experts in this field, design results are indispensable. Reasonable sex life and progress.

The mold structure designed by the new generation of mold software has three-dimensional thinking and intuition. The generated three-dimensional structure information can be conveniently used for mold manufacturability evaluation and CNC machining. This requires mold software to perform 3D parametric feature modeling and molding. Process simulation, CNC machining process simulation, information exchange, organization and management have reached a relatively complete level and have a high degree of integration.

With the increase in customer demand, the TV mold itself has undergone many changes, the size and appearance are also increasing, and there will only be more changes in the future.

New Generation TV Set MouldNew Generation TV Set Mould

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New Generation TV Set Mould
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