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Digital printing far exceeds traditional printing effects

The digital printing machine breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realizes the real one-sheet printing, no plate making, and full-color image completion at one time. The extremely low printing cost and high-quality printing effect are more economical and convenient than traditional printing systems, and the minimal system investment, digital operation and limited space occupation make the system have a greater market prospect. It is the best supplement to traditional printing and a replacement product of traditional printing presses.

The digital printing press has also given rise to a new force in the digital printing industry, opening up a fashionable and novel path for enterprises, factories, and individual entrepreneurs on the road of digital printing.

The digital printing machine has very little investment, very low printing cost, optional printing size, high printing quality, small space occupation, few operators and extremely low operating cost, and the choice of printing material type and thickness is large, which has great investment advantages. Coupled with professional digital printing inks, the colors can be saturated and gorgeous, the color gamut is wide, and the transition is good, far exceeding the traditional printing effect. Compared with expensive digital printing machines abroad, it has less investment and quick results.

Digital printing machine, can print any material, including leather, metal, acrylic, PC/PE/PP/PBT/PVC plastic material, glass crystal, plexiglass, KT board, ceramic tile and other materials. It can be used in any industry and scope of application In the future, digital printing presses will surely replace traditional printing, thereby creating better effects, lower costs, more environmentally friendly materials, and more in line with the development of the world.

Ningbo Ronghua Ditial Post Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. products involve printing, office and packaging production lines. If you need to buy or wholesale, please contact us: printing machines for sale.

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Digital printing far exceeds traditional printing effects
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