Hold Urine And Sit For Too Long, Watch Out Prostatitis

Nowadays, the incidence rate of prostatitis is keeping increasing. What caused that?


As is well-known, the prostatitis in men can be triggered by various reasons, while not all of them know exactly what caused their problems, which also leads to an unsatisfied prevention effect in males. 


Daily behaviors that you may think lightly are usually the cause, such as holding urine and sitting for too long.


Siting for a long time is bad for the male health, which is because the prostatic congestion can be caused by long-time sitting. That is like, if you squat for too long, your legs will go numb. Keeping a still status can easily lead to congestion in any part of the body. Whats more, accumulation of toxic materials in prostate duct can make it block, so long-time sitting should be quit by men. 

The same is true of holding urine. Whats worse, holding urine can also press the prostate gland and cause urine reflux, making it easy to get invaded by bacteria in the urine.


As for the Invasion of the bacteria, there are some thins you should know. In clinical cases, there are many patients with prostatitis which are caused by virus invasions or bacterial infection. Those harmful bacteria, virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomonad and others commonly make men have prostatitis via excessive sexual contact and unclean personal hygiene.


Besides, long-term riding should be treated the same as the long-term sitting. Or rather, long-term riding is more serious. When you sit at home or in the office, it is usually comfortable, while you ride a bike or motor, the seats are not very satisfying in most cases, since they are hard and small, making the butt uncomfortable when ridding. So you should avoid long-term riding in daily life. If you really like riding, make sure you have a comfortable and soft seat, but dont ride too long as well.


In other cases, you should take notice of cigarette and alcohol. There are too much toxic materials in these things, such as empyreumatic oil, nicotine and nitrosamine, can badly damage and stimulate the prostate tissues. Furthermore, the resistance ability of human can also be damaged by excessive drinking, so that bacteria and virus can get a chance to invade the prostate gland.


Prostatitis can surely make patients suffer a lot. And the only way to get rid of this disease is treating it actively and in time. Due to the side-effect and drug resistance of many antibiotics, more and more patients choose to use herbal formula - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can be a more appropriate medicine for treating this condition. It has no side-effect and leads to no drug resistance. Furthermore, this formula also can promote blood circulation and release congestion in the prostate gland, making the prostate healthier.

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Hold Urine And Sit For Too Long, Watch Out Prostatitis
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