When You Feel Persistent Pain Due To Prostatitis, What Can You Do?

Prostatitis is a high incidence of disease in men. Patients will not only have frequent urination and acute urination pain but also suffer from ejaculation pain, which will bring great psychological burden on them, and even refuse to have sex.


The neuropathic pain caused by prostatitis refers to the pain in the urethra or lower abdomen of the penis during the ejaculation. Especially when the sexual life of prostatitis patients is too excited or the action is rough, the pain will be aggravated. If you have a mild, short-term pain when you ejaculate, don't worry too much. As long as you do the care in your life, you can usually relieve yourself in several days.


In the case of persistent pain, medication should be used rationally under the guidance of a doctor. Severe patients must have surgery to remove it, to avoid the development of prostate cancer.


What should patients with prostatitis do when they suffer from painful sensation for a long time


1.Drink sufficient water


Drinking more water and urinating can alleviate the ejaculation pain caused by prostatitis. The prostate produces a large amount of prostatic fluid which will be discharged to the urethra. If the prostatic fluid stays in the urethra for a long time, it will cause prostate infection.


The prostatic fluid can be removed by urination, and the source of infection is cut off. The prostate area is easy to hide a lot of dirt, and the local ventilation is very poor, so it is necessary to do a partial cleaning to prevent bacterial infection.


Besides, the sweat glands in the scrotum are relatively rich and have strong contractility. It is necessary to pay attention to local cleaning. Wash the local area with clear water every day, especially carefully clean the dirty substances in the prepuce.


2.Regulate the sexual life


Sexual life will keep the prostate in a state of congestion, which will stimulate the prostate and cause pain in the prostate. In addition, it is not complete abstinence, it will cause long-term automatic excitement so that the prostate is passively congested. Every day at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is needed, such as jogging, swimming, etc. to enhance the physical fitness, but also bring benign massage to the prostate, not to ride for a long time.


3.Do not sit for a long time


Sitting for a long time will cause all the weight to be squeezed in the prostate area, affecting the local blood circulation, which will cause a large amount of metabolites and waste to accumulate, thus blocking the prostate duct and aggravating its symptoms.


With the development of medicine, there are many ways to treat prostatitis, such as radiofrequency, hot water bath or microwave, which can relax the smooth muscles of the pelvic floor, prostate, and posterior urethra, and relieve the pain.


People with obvious pain in ejaculation can choose traditional herbal medicine with antiphlogistic, antipyretic and detoxifying effects, which can clear away active oxygen components and reduce inflammation. Besides, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. Its heat-clearing and detoxification, blood activating, qi activating and pain- relieving have a good effect on it, which can help patients recover as soon as possible.

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When You Feel Persistent Pain Due To Prostatitis, What Can You Do?
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