Where Is The Advantage Of OEM Aluminum Enclosure

OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer in English. According to the literal meaning, it should be translated as original equipment manufacturer. It means that a manufacturer produces products and product accessories for another manufacturer according to the requirements of another manufacturer. It is also called OEM or authorized OEM. . It can represent processing by outsourcing or subcontract processing. The domestic custom is called cooperative production and Sanlai processing. OEM aluminum enclosure is one of them.

Aluminum die-casting is a kind of pressure-casting part. It uses a pressure-casting mechanical die-casting machine equipped with a casting mold to pour the heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy into the inlet of the die-casting machine, and then die-cast by the die-casting machine to cast out the mold. Aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts with restricted shapes and sizes. Such parts are usually called aluminum die castings. Aluminum die-casting parts have different names in different places, such as aluminum die-casting parts, die-casting aluminum parts, die-casting aluminum parts, die-casting aluminum, aluminum die-casting parts, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, etc.

Because metal aluminum and aluminum alloy have good fluidity and plasticity, and the casting is cast in a pressure die-casting machine, aluminum die-casting parts can be made of various more complex shapes, and can also be made with higher precision and smoothness. , Thereby greatly reducing the machining amount of castings and the casting margin of metal aluminum or aluminum alloy, not only saving electricity, metal materials, but also greatly saving labor costs.

Not only OEM aluminum die castings , but also OEM aluminum enclosures. www.chinaweilong.cn

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Where Is The Advantage Of OEM Aluminum Enclosure
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