I was going to try merchanting

As of now I pick flax and twist them for money. And I dont actually understand how to go around this p2p world however. . And im the in process of earning 1k bow strings and selling them. I've 15m money and OSRS gold since I'm f2p, I don't really know just what to do with it. I was going to try merchanting, but it does not seem to be working out nicely for me, therefore I need ideas for what I must do with everything. I now have sufficient maples for me 92fm, but apart from that, my abilities are under.

I'd really like to do a skill which would give me advantages, and that I can just place a few mil into it to get 99 or something. I was thinking about purchasing like 100k rune ess and crafting all of these into airs. That would be ideal for money and then when I become a member again (if I do), then rc will probably be even greater cash. Butif it is something like melee, please give me the ideal outfit and these that you think I should use.

I have money and do not know what to Cheap RS gold do with it. (never thought that would happen, lol. 89 mining ftl) I believe that you need to seriously look at merchanting with it, only buy something which is used heavily in PKing like food, potions, arrows. . .whatever and buy 2-3% under middle and market a couple percent over. 3-4percent per day may not look like much but you can probably do it 3 times every day, meaning 9-12% gain if you hit it right.

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I was going to try merchanting
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