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If This appears like what's Driving You, Then you're THE New Human And it slow Has return To Step Up!

The easiest to grasp your life purpose is thru your journey of uncovering. supported your birth name that holds distinctive sacred codes that unlock your destiny, your Soul Blueprint holds all the answers to what your challenges are and therefore the gifts they reveal, as well as what your abilities and gifts ar at a deeper level, and the way to activate them to form your additional fulfilling life.

Life Purpose is advanced. throughout my uncovering journey, I uncovered hidden ways and forks within the road. there have been hills, mountains, valleys, and shadowy places which will be scary to travel through. I finished and began, unsure if I had the strength to urge through it all. however I did it! and that I wish to share my method with you to jumpstart the magnificence that you’ve been acting.

Soul Codes Blueprint in San Jose CA

This is a 12-week personal 1:1 mentoring program ideally delivered via ZOOM. ZOOM recordings of sessions are provided, upon request.

Email support is supplied with every step of this method.

Here’s what you receive with this distinctive program

L – Learning

Your distinctive abilities, goals, and challenges with Soul Blueprint Reading. this is often a 1-hour, birthname solely analysis that offers you the subsequent information:

• Birthname analysis

• Your most fulfilling soul expression

• Your Soul Destiny for this period

• Karmic lessons, talents, and gifts you were born with, and people you receive later in life.

• Special discount valuation on future mentoring that helps to activate your blueprint on a deeper level

O - OMG you're amazing!

Understanding the scope of your soul mission and the way your abilities, goals, and challenges work along to form your greatest purpose. acceptive the sweetness of the journey and spoken communication affirmative to the succeeding step. this is often AN dilated 2-hour Soul Blueprint reading that offers you all of what you receive within the 1-hour reading, and the following:

• Up to a pair of further names analysis

• subject field for private Years, Months & Cycles

• wherever ar you within the Ascension method

• what's your Soul sort

th grace.

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Self-Discovery in San Francisco CA | Self- Discovery | Suzanne Fensin
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