How to wear disposable protective masks correctly?

How to wear disposable protective mask correctly? What are the precautions for wearing a mask? Below, Shanghai Gel King Insulation Products Co., Ltd will emphasize the correct usage.

1. Wash your hands before wearing the mask. Try to avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands, and minimize the possibility of the mask being contaminated.

2. Don't wear the wrong front and back, and don't wear it on both sides. The mask should be distinguished between the inside and the outside.

3. When wearing a mask, fully unfold the folded surface, completely wrap the mouth, nose, and chin, try to tighten the elastic band of the mask, and tighten the metal strips on both sides of the nose to reduce leakage around it, and it is best to breathe slowly.

4. When the mask is not in use, fold the side that touches the nose and mouth inward and put it in a clean ziplock bag. Wash your hands after throwing away the mask;

5. The mask is replaced every 2-4 hours, because if it is used for too long, large particles will be blocked on the surface of the mask or ultrafine particles will block the gaps in the filter material of the mask, resulting in a decrease in filtration efficiency and an increase in respiratory resistance., If the mask is damaged or contaminated, it should be replaced as soon as possible;

6. After wearing the mask, do not touch the outside of the mask with your hands, as bacteria and viruses gather on the outside.

Shanghai Gel King Insulation Products Co., Ltd is a disposable mask manufacturer, all masks produced meet safety and quality standards and provide effective protection. Welcome to contact us to order.

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How to wear disposable protective masks correctly?
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