Tomato -- A Healthy Option For Sufferers With Chronic Prostatitis

Tomato is a healthy food as you all know. And it can be a healthy option for suffers with certain illnesses. Many studies have manifested that lycopene, a magic factor rich in tomatoes, can efficient reduce the incidence of some life-threatening illnesses and enhance the body health.


With the deepening of scientific study, many experts also found that lycopene in tomatoes has a great effect on man's health, especially for those with prostate problems. In fact, the prevention and auxiliary therapeutic effect of lycopene should be noticed.


Lycopene can clear off free radicals from the prostate, protect prostate tissue, prevent and alleviate chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, and other illnesses of the older sufferers. Free radical scavengers have become a new method for the therapy of prostatitis. That is to say, lycopene can significantly help to solve chronic prostatitis. So lycopene can also be supplemented to prevent the occurrence of prostate disease. Furthermore, some studies have shown that eating tomatoes often can improve sperm concentration and vitality.


The antioxidant activity of lycopene is overarching for floras, while its importance to people is not known till now. For some factors, there is no recommended daily intake standard for lycopene. In addition to tomatoes and their products, other common foods rich in lycopene include watermelon, pink grapefruit, canned baked beans, sweet pepper, and vegetable juice cocktails.


It is safe to get lycopene from your dietary options. But the source of nutritional supplements should not exceed 30mg per day, and the duration of continued administration ought not to exceed two months. Health experts point out that it is fine to have food with lycopene during pregnancy and lactation, but whether it is okay for the use of lycopene nutritional supplements has not been figured out.


Tomato has a very good health-care effect on the prostate since the lycopene in tomato can prevent prostate lesions, but it can not play a fundamental role in the therapy of chronic prostatitis.


When antibiotics can not play an effective option, you can also try herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which contains houttuynia cordata and other herbal ingredients with broad-spectrum antibacterial ability, which can be taken to terminate bacteria. Even though the effect is not as quick as antibiotics and other anti-inflammatory drugs, it features no drug resistance or other shortcomings as well as side effects. In most case, it can be  safely taken until the bacteria are fully solved.


Whats more, in the therapy of prostatitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can also enhance blood circulation and clear away blood stasis, so as to speed up detoxification, heal the pathological variation of the prostate gland triggered by inflammation, so as to improve the immunity of the whole tissue, impede the reproduction of bacteria, and solve chronic prostatitis in full.

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Tomato -- A Healthy Option For Sufferers With Chronic Prostatitis
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