What is Q-ION immune defense?

The immune system is a crucial part of the body and supports any threat to a person's health. During the many shutdowns that have occurred as a result of the pandemic, most people have tried to limit their exposure to germs, but the immune system can be weakened without the same environment. Anything anyone can do to give that part of their body a boost is helpful, and Q-ION Immune Defense aims to give a boost.

The creators of Q-ION Immune Defense, Doctor G's Naturals, claim that this formula has already been approved by doctors as an effective solution to protect and strengthen the immune system. Because it enhances the immune response to threats like viruses and bacteria, users do not have to worry about airborne pathogens that can make them sick. Taking this formula does not guarantee that someone will not get sick, but the body is much better prepared to heal and defend itself with the right nutrients.


Dr. John Gordon, a board-certified physician who helped develop the Q-ION immune defense, said the drug is manufactured using "cutting edge ion beam technology." As he explains, this technology is a way for the supplement to prevent pathogens from entering the body thanks to the improvement in the immune system. It also cleanses toxins that build up in the body to create a cleaner atmosphere for healthy bacteria.

How does it work?

The Ion-Blast technology allows users to combine several useful ingredients to combine quercetin with zinc to boost immunity. By combining the efforts of these ingredients in the body, the consumption of Q-ION Immune Defense can create a wall of defense within two hours of ingestion.

Other ingredients in this formula are Camellia Sinensis extract and bromelain. While Camellia Sinensis extract reduces free radical damage with antioxidant benefits, bromelain is an enzyme that stimulates the immune system and prevents damage to the airways.


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What is Q-ION immune defense?
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