In the history of portrait paintings

In the arts, the term portrait painting refers to an artistic creation that portrays the life and history of an individual or a group thereof. A portrait painting depicts the likeness of an individual, group of people, animal or just about any other thing that is depicted in an artwork. In some countries, such as the French and in the United States of America, the term portrait painting is commonly used to describe a painting that is done on an easel and is placed in the public in order to be appreciated by the public. The subject of an artist's portrait is called a "sitting subject", because historically people would often sit in front of an artist for his portrait to be drawn.portrait painting

In the history of portrait paintings, several artists were commissioned by royalty to create portraits for them. The first portrait to be created by an artist was done by Queen Marie Antoinette, who had been married to King Louis XIV of France, and had been forced to take a veil due to being pregnant at the time. This is a good example of how a painting can be created through the use of painting. In fact, some of the best paintings that have ever been created were done while sitting in front of an artist and allowing him or her to paint on the canvas in front of them.photo canvas Another famous example of this is the portrait of Christ, which was created by Michelangelo of Siena.

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In the history of portrait paintings
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