Satiny & Attractive Design- Watt Pro Saver!!!

We can customize rebates if there is a project that saves electricity, but doesn’t necessarily fall under a category on our application. Did you know old refrigerators and freezers use two to three times as much energy as newer models? This can add up to $150 a year to your electric bill. Let's work together and start saving you both time and money.

Obviously, your TV’s wattage may be different from the above, but it gives you an idea of what to expect. Yes, there is a range for all of them – some brands and models use more than others. Watt Pro Saver energy consumption could be much higher than another, but we’re talking about less than 100 watts of power for almost all of them. Televisions range from just 20 watts for small sets to watts for the big boys.

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The third term is apparent power, referred to as KVA. By use of multi meters we can measure current and voltage and then multiply the readings together we get apparent power in VA. Many companies are promoting and advertise that their Power Saver unit are able to save domestic residential power consumption by employing an “active power factor correction” method on the supply line.

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Satiny & Attractive Design- Watt Pro Saver!!!
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