what are Uncertainty in the Performance of China Mechanical Parts

China Mechanical Parts (XINGHUI) due to the uncertainty of service time and performance of used products, it is usually to remanufacture the“over-used” product which means higher cost or even can't be remanufactured. On the other hand, it will be “previouremanufacturing” which means a huge waste. The current main solution is to conduct inspection and testing, which is uneconomical and inefficient. Whether the product could be remanufactured and the remanufacturing performance is good, it depends deeply on the design stage.

To meet this issue, the concept of proactive remanufacturing is presented in this paper. It is to take

remanufacturability as an important product performance into account in the initial design stage. From the perspective of

modular design, structural characteristics are extracted to represent the overall parts structures, based on which the mapping relationship of design parameters and remanufacturability of parts is established. And then, through the hierarchical and qualitative analys is, the proactive remanufacturing factor is introduced as a comprehensive index to measure parts overall remanufacturability. As a result, the proactive remanufacturing can be conducted in an appropriate time to obtain the maximum economic benefit, with ignoring the uncertainty of used products.

NINGBO STARLITE MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was found in 2006, located in the port city- NINGBO ZHEJIANG. We are a professional manufacturer of stamping, welding, plastic injection and SMC、BMC molding, assembling. Our products are widely used in Telecom, elevator, automobile, construction machinery, electrical appliance and other fields.

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what are Uncertainty in the Performance of China Mechanical Parts
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