What is the strength grade of the fastener?

Fasteners are a type of mechanical parts that are used for fastening connections and are extremely widely used. It is widely used in various industries, such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments, chemicals, meters and supplies, etc. It is the most widely used mechanical basic part.

  It is characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performance and uses, and a high degree of standardization, serialization, and generalization. Therefore, some people call a type of fasteners that have national standards as standard fasteners, or simply standard parts.

  Generally, C1008 is made of ordinary grade products, such as grade 4.8 screws and ordinary grade nuts; C1015 is generally used for eyebolts; C1018 is generally used for machine screws, of course, it is also used for self-tapping screws; C1022 is generally used for self-tapping screws ; C1035 with 8.8 grade screws; C1045/10B21/40Cr with 10.9 grade screws; 40Cr/SCM435 with 12.9 grade screws.

  Stainless steel has SS302/SS304/SS316 as the most common. Of course, a large number of SS201 products are also popular now, even products with lower nickel content, we call non-authentic stainless steel products; the appearance looks similar to stainless steel, but the corrosion resistance is much different.

  Generally, screws below grade 8.8 are called ordinary screws, while screws above grade 8.8 (including grade 8.8) are high-strength screws. The difference is that high-strength screws need to undergo quenching and tempering heat treatment.

  1. Screw torque requirements: the torque of the hexagon socket screw is relatively larger, the torque of the hexagon socket screw is smaller, and the torque of the cross recess is smaller (so this type of screw is generally a normal grade screw).

  2. Assemble the hexagonal bolts generally with adjustable wrenches, box wrenches and open-end wrenches. The assembly efficiency of the adjustable wrench is low, but it is very versatile, and it is suitable for various head specifications of the hexagonal screws; the torx wrench is the most efficient, but it is not suitable for some occasions. A torx wrench has only 2 heads, so it can only be used Two types of hexagon head screws; open-end wrenches are similar to torx wrenches, but it can be used with a longer sleeve.


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What is the strength grade of the fastener?
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