Introduction To Zinc Die Casting

There is no doubt about Zinc Die Castings. The technology adopted is zinc alloy die casting technology. So how much do you know about zinc die castings? The following will mainly introduce you to the relevant knowledge of zinc die castings.

Common attributes

(1) Mechanical properties: all alloys have the same elastic modulus, shear modulus and poison ratio. Compressive strength is about 50% higher than tensile strength. The room temperature impact strength of zinc alloy is the highest die casting alloy.

(2) The influence of temperature: The mechanical performance data is at room temperature, and some significant changes with relatively small changes in temperature.

(3) Casting performance: Zinc alloy has a small tendency to attack steel at the casting temperature. This feature, combined with lower pouring temperature, low mold maintenance and long mold life results. These characteristics also make zinc alloy cast by hot box method.

(4) Plating: Zinc alloy can realize economical bright plating and durable chrome plating. This makes their die-casting materials optional for hardware applications.

(5) Aging: The die casting process is characterized by very rapid solidification. The phenomenon of zinc alloy lock is a crystal structure, which is unstable at room temperature.

Zinc aging

Over time, metal molecules slowly migrate to a stable mode, an effect called aging. The two forms of aging are:

{1} The ductility increased slightly, and the tensile strength, impact strength and hardness decreased.

{2} There is a slight contraction.

So there is so much knowledge about zinc die castings. For more, please visit: China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer.

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Introduction To Zinc Die Casting
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