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What Medicine Can Be Used For Chronic Non-bacterial Prostatitis?

Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis generally occurs in the early stage of prostatitis, and there is still some controversy in the treatment. For the treatment of prostate disease, currently patients mainly use drugs, so what medicine can be used has become a concern for patients.


Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is different etiology than chronic bacterial prostatitis, so there are different in treatment. There are no bacteria in smears and cultures. It is generally believed that the reason is prostate of frequent and undue congestion. For example, men are drinking alcohol always or prolong eating spicy and irritating foods that can easily lead to endogenous dampness and heat. It can accumulates in the reproductive organs leading to congestion; sexual life, masturbation frequently, interruption of sexual intercourse can lead to hyperemia of the prostate; In addition, sedentary and driving can also cause this problem.


Some doctors used to treat it as bacterial prostatitis. Usually, they treat it with antibiotic therapy. but the effect is not obvious because there is no bacterial. The abuse of antibiotics has been shown that it prone to new prostate infections and making treatment more difficult. Once this disease occurs lesion, it is more difficult than before. So some patients began to choose Chinese medicine for treatment after they failed to try western medicine. Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great option recognized by many patients.


Ancient Chinese medicine think that the pathogenesis of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is mainly related to repeated congestion of the prostate and obstruction of blood flow. The mechanism depend on damp heat, blood and qi of obstruction. Chinese medicine mainly follows the principle of activating blood circulation, clearing heat and so on.


The pill has diuretics such as plantain seeds. There are also blood-activating drugs, such as red peony, peach kernel; and then Houttuynia can clear away heat and detoxify. Complete formula in the treatment of diseases can achieve good effect, not only can cure this disease, but also can eliminate the root of the disease and reduce recurrence. Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is currently considered that taking traditional Chinese medicine treatment has better effect.


In general, while patients take medicine, they also can through some health cares to assist this treatment. For example, take the perineal massage in morning and night, ten minutes each time, until it is fever and not too heavy. While the diet should be light, and pay attention to nutrition collocation. Drink plenty of water, but not hold back. Strengthen proper exercises to improve blood circulation in the prostate, enhance immunity and avoid sitting for too long.

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What Medicine Can Be Used For Chronic Non-bacterial Prostatitis?
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