These Rumors About Prostatitis Should Be Debunked

In daily life, without the correct understanding about the prostatitis, many male friends tend to believe some unproved information online. Meanwhile, many medical media like to exaggerate their articles and unconsciously force the patient to buy their products. As a sequence, there are many rumors about prostatitis existing online that always make male patients confounded.


Rumor One: The male patient must abstain from sex when having prostatitis. 

Only relying on oral medicine treatment to cure prostatitis can help to improve inflammation, but these harmful substances that have been killed will still remain in the body. Without sexual life, they will not be discharged out easily in time. Their corpse will continue to stay in the prostate gland, which will hurt the health of the prostate piece by piece.


Consequently, appropriate sexual lifestyle between the couple is necessary, that can help to successfully pass out these inflamation related substances while making area for the forming of new prostatic fluid. For unmarried male friends, moderate masturbation is allowed.


But don't enjoy too much yourself in sexual life. It should be noted that the sexual experience should not be too long or too frequent, so as to avoid excessive congestion in the prostate gland and other injuries.


Rumor Two: Chronic prostatitis is not curable.


It has to admit that chronic prostatitis is difficult to treat in a short term. But that doesnt mean the patient can not be healed through proper therapy and day-to-day conditioning. For patients with years of chronic prostatitis, it is clearly hard to cure. But several months efforts can prove that it is not the disease for which no cure has been found.


Normally, a herbal treatment Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a very helpful selection for sufferers with chronic prostatitis, which contains great impact on eliminating irritations with no adverse reactions. While taking the medicine, patients should notice their daily diet and avoid spicy food as well as alcohol and tobacco as far as possible.


Rumor Three: Chronic prostatitis can be sexually transmitted.


As for if the prostatitis is sexually transmitted, it should rely on prostatic fluid bacterium examines. If the pathogenic bacteria are gonococci, then gonococcal prostatitis should be viewed as one of the sexually transmitted diseases. However, for the non-bacterial prostatitis that occupies the majority in clinical, it has no chance of infection and is not induced by sexual behaviors. So it is absolutely not sexually transmitted disease.

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These Rumors About Prostatitis Should Be Debunked
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