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Abnormal Female Nocturnal Urination Should Be Noticed

Urination at night is a regular conduct of numerous individuals. However, too much nocturnal urination often has a bad effect on people's daily life and can lead to limited sleep time at night. A female who urinates too often in the night may have a bodily dilemma that needs to be given serious attention. When it overruns a definite range, it may be viewed as a symbol of organ harm.


For normal people, the number of nocturnal urination is no more than 3 times. So for adult women, it's actually normal to get up at night to urinate. However, when it is beyond three times, something bad may have happened and people should go to the hospital for a urogenital check-up.


Females who urinate a lot more times during the night time could possibly have symptoms of urinary tract bacterial infections. Commonly, urinary tract infections can trigger more frequent urination at night. Doctors point out that the urethra in women is wider and shorter than that in males, so it tends to result in urinary tract infection.


When females have certain urinary tract infections, they are more likely to encounter regular urination and prickling, which frequently results in burning sensation in the urethra. Besides, women with cystitis can also have abnormal urination in daily life. Therefore, as soon as the women urinates too frequently at night, combined with distressing discomfort, they have to get an exam and receive therapy. For the treatment of urinary diseases, the natural medication Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be a appropriate selection for female individuals, which will help to fix the cystitis as well as other urogenital system signs with no side effects.


When frequent urination occurs at night, it could also be an indication of the kidney failure. Doctors point out that human primary urine is formed by infiltration of the blood and most primary urine is reabsorbed through renal tubules. But when the tubules are damaged, it tends to trigger an increase of nocturnal urine output. Besides, there are many factors of tubular injury. First of all, hypertension can easily cause renal tubular damage. Secondly, some medications used for renal metabolism often have some side effects, which can trigger renal tubular damage.


The last one, ingesting an excessive amount of normal water before bed can also result in an increase in woman's night time urine output. In daily life, many elderly people have the habit of drinking water before going to bed. Drinking water before bed can help to prevent thrombus from generating, but it really may result in far more regular wake-ups during the sleeping time, thus leading to poorer rest quality. If you wake up too many times, it may impact the personal spirit and mindset the next day. So it's suggested not to drink too much water before going to bed at night, and half cup of water may be enough.

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Abnormal Female Nocturnal Urination Should Be Noticed
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