Common Problems Caused by Keeping Back Urine Should Be Noticed

Due to daily factors, men may choose to keep back their urine for a certain period. But often being in a state of a full bladder is not conducive, which can cause many problems to the human body, which should be noticed.


1. Heart disease


Keeping back urine is unhealthy for masculine good friends both physically and emotionally. Keeping back urine for a long time may lead to increased blood pressure in people with hypertension. Patients with coronary heart disease will have angina pectoris, arrhythmia and other phenomena. These problems are badly destructive to elderly patients with cardiovascular diseases.


2. Cystitis


Keeping back urine can lead to cystitis, plus in some considerable situations, it can lead to kidney cancers. Because when you are retaining back urine, the rise of urine will pull the kidney walls, which can induce mucosa ischemia from the bladder, weakening the conventional anti-bacterial effect. If keeping back urine for too long, the immunity mechanism will become fragile as well, which supplies bacteria the chance to get into. In the long run, extreme cystitis will occur, combined with frequent peeing, emergency peeing, pain inside the lower belly and even urinary pathway microbe infections.


3. Prostatitis


Once the tension within the bladder boosts, the bacteria in the pee can also move through the prostatic duct in to the prostate gland, resulting in infection and prostatitis. In this case, the patient may have repeated and emergency urination, belly ache and urinary burning up, and other unpleasant signs or symptoms.


4. Urinary retention


The bladder is going to be complete for a long period because of the existence of the trapped urine, generating the pressure of bladder walls greater. In cases like this, it might be hard to urinate normally, specifically for some aged sufferers with weakened detrusor functionality or hyperplasia of prostate. They are at heavy risk of getting urinary system preservation, which may cause long lasting problems and will not really fully retrieved quickly.


It is actually worth referencing that keeping back urine too frequently and too long can induce urinary system pathway bacterial infection, which could induce numerous urogenital infection ailments and may lead to mans sterility. Urinary infections in men can also reduce the body's immunity, increase mental stress and trigger other illnesses.


For male friends, no matter how busy you might be, make a bit time for that peeing. If you are diagnosed with urinary infections, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be your choice, which has a great action to clear away bacteria and eliminate inflammation. Besides, to better complete the therapeutic effect, developing good living habits is necessary.

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Common Problems Caused by Keeping Back Urine Should Be Noticed
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