The Factors Why The Urine Smell

As is known to all, the urine is a yellowish liquid, which does not smell. In daily life, you may have a situation that the urine smells so badly after you get up and urinate at seven in the morning. Is that normal?


It may be related to the food you eat yesterday. Onions, garlic and other stimulating food can change the smell of urine to some extend, which can produce sulphur-like compounds, which will be discharged into the urine, leading to a smelly odor. But dont worry too much, this is a merely temporary symptoms. Avoiding these foods and drinking more water can help you urinate normally.


Expert points out that the urine smells can be reduced in 2 days through regular water drinking. If the symptom lasts more than a week, you should go to the hospital for a thorough test to figure out what happen. Sometimes, you should notice whether you have certain diseases that can make the urine smell. There are several common diseases you should pay attention to.


1. Cystitis


Commonly, cystitis is induced by the accumulation of bacteria as well as viruses in the bladder, and may be caused by bacterial imbalance or urinary tract infection, which should be cured in time, and usually antibiotics can be helpful.


2. Prostatitis


When having prostatitis, which is a common disease in men, it may be difficult for male friends to urinate. An enlarged prostate can cause stress on the bladder, resulting in frequent and urgent urination, painful sensation in the scrotum and anus, and smelly odor in the urine. In this case, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used, which has a great effect on eliminating inflammations, including prostatitis, cystitis and other urinary tract infection.


3. Cystiuria


Cystiuria is a common genetic disease that can make the human body accumulate too much unnecessary amino acid cysteine, which can induce stones in the kidneys. Since cysteine is rich in sulfur, which can make urine smell.


4. Liver disease


When the liver is damaged and liver diseases occur, the urine may not be able to be filtered and excreted properly. Accordingly, the urine will change, leading to smelly urine odor, sometimes accompanied by nausea, chills, vomiting, abdominal distension and painful sensation in the liver area.


5. Diabetes


When blood sugar level rises, ketone body can get into the urine, making the urine smell change, which is often accompanied by fatigue, thirst and excessive eating as well as drinking. In this case, it is necessary to drink more water and rationally take oral insulin to maintain the balance of blood glucose.

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The Factors Why The Urine Smell
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