How Often Will I Change Crib Sheets?


The last thing you want is for your baby to get sick, but, unfortunately, it happens. It’s normal for your baby to get sick every now and then while they adjust to the world around them. 

If an infection or sickness is going around in your home, the germs will settle on your baby’s clothes, toys, and sheets. Sometimes there are even unfortunate sick days that call for a sheet change as often as a diaper change. 

This is why it’s not only important but necessary to change out your baby’s crib sheets frequently — possibly daily — during this time. Whether your baby is in a crib or bassinet, they need to sleep on clean sheets to stay healthy. 

In addition, remember to use proper handwashing techniques and keep those who are sick away from your baby to reduce the opportunity for sickness to spread in your home.

To sum up, the exact number of crib sheets you’ll need for your new little one is a personal choice that depends on your family’s unique situation. We recommend a minimum of two crib sheets and a maximum of seven. 

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How Often Will I Change Crib Sheets?
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