Electronic scales have been widely used in many fields

Compared with traditional mechanical scales, electronic scales have the following advantages:

1. The response speed of the sensor is fast, which can increase the weighing speed,

2. The structure is simple, the volume is small, the weight is light, and the restriction of the installation location is small. Some large-tonnage electronic scales can even be made into a movable type.

3. The weighing signal can be transmitted over a long distance, and the computer can be used for data processing, and the weighing result can be automatically displayed and recorded, and various control signals can be given to realize the automation of the production process;

4. The load cell can be made into a sealed type, which has excellent moisture and corrosion resistance, and can work in harsh environments where mechanical scales cannot work.

5. It has no tool pad and knife edge as a fulcrum. It has good stability and a small mechanical grinding, which reduces maintenance work, is convenient to use and has a long life.

6. There is sufficient accuracy.

Because of the above advantages, electronic scales have become the mainstream of weighing instrument development. In many advanced industrial countries, electronic scales have been widely used in industry, commerce and other fields.

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Electronic scales have been widely used in many fields
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