Sliding Gates Installation in Studio City CA​

Sliding Gates Installation in Studio City CA

Cantilever or tracked sliding gates offer the highest level of security as swing gates can be vulnerable to determined ramming. The sliding gate automation system also takes up less room when operating and gives full driveway access even if approaching at an angle. Our company can design, fabricate, install and automate single swing gates to your exact specifications in steel, aluminium or wood.

Sliding gates require no ground track and can cover unfinished driveways, snow, gravel and other unusual terrain conditions. These gates require gate extensions that are generally an additional 50% of the gate opening. For example a 10’ wide gate opening requires a 15’ long gate.

Most sliding electric gates specified and installed correctly will provide very high levels of security, especially against attempted forced entry. The fact the gates slide sideways means that a lot of space is left free behind the gate where a normal swing gate would have to manoeuvre, making car parking and the like a lot easier. A sliding gate can be produced to very wide sizes very easily and generally only requires 1 electric motor to operate therefore saving money over the 2 motors required for a pair of swing gates. Many gates we have installed have been designed in the style of a pair of gates if appearance is particularly important.

We can undertake all aspects of the project for you, ensuring a smooth flow of work from start to finish. We cover all types of customer including private domestic, public buildings, shared access, multiple user and commercial property. We offer a quality design service and provide technical drawings for your approval before installing.


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Sliding Gates Installation in Studio City CA​
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