What to do if the elevator stops suddenly during operation

Passenger Elevator Factory are not unfamiliar to everyone, and they are a means of transportation for modern people. So how should we deal with and solve problems in elevators?

1. Emergency stop during elevator operation

Generally, this is because the safety circuit or door lock circuit is disconnected during operation, causing the elevator to stop, and passengers will feel their legs numb, which is actually caused by the elevator's emergency stop.

Keep quiet and stable, don't jump around, and most importantly don't lift the car door. You should press the alarm bell in the elevator car to notify the monitoring, and wait for the maintenance personnel to come and solve the problem. Generally, the trapped maintenance personnel must arrive at the scene within 30 minutes; the property: the elevator company maintenance personnel should be notified as soon as possible, and they should be sent to the scene to comfort the passengers. To prevent passengers from damaging the elevator and causing the problem to aggravate; maintenance worker: safely release passengers, check the cause of the elevator's emergency stop, troubleshoot the problem, and restore the elevator.

2. Will you suffocate in the elevator?

The elevator is an incompletely sealed box. Under normal circumstances, the ventilation fan will keep working. In the event of a power failure, smooth air can also be achieved through the car gap. So don't worry about choking in the freight lift manufacturers.


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What to do if the elevator stops suddenly during operation
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