I started playing WoW in 2012

Try again in winter. There is a totally new expansion (not simply a patch such as Visions of N'zoth) coming out that might be a good deal better. Fight For Azeroth was a enormous bumblefuck. Problem was, these patches had nothing. Furthermore, Blizzard wasn't only working on these spots, they had been looking forward to wow gold classic the next expansion, Shadowlands, which as I stated is currently slated for sometime between now and December 31st.

Thus far, the changes it is bringing are enormous, it's introducing some really promising new components, and also the Covenants which are likely to be another"thing" following Azerite is apparently nothing like it. Time will tell if it will be a huge improvement over BFA, however I typically encourage people to keep an open mind. Just in general. Blizzard appears to be scrambling to course correct after the tragedy that has been the previous couple of years. Getting cynical constantly and assuming the worst does not really improve your life in any way.

This is quite long post that leads off with my WOW Classic encounter dealing with server wellness. I provide several solutions at the end if you'd rather bypass to people, but if you have a moment I suggest beginning at the beginning. I'm the GM of DZ (DANGER ZONE), which is a guild currently residing on Incendius. We started out on Stalagg in the start of WOW Classic. Herod was really the server that we'd coordinated to land on with a lot of other guilds. But, queue times along with a gloomy faction balance induced us not to buy classic wow gold roll there.

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I started playing WoW in 2012
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