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Why I've been there drama RS

Overall, I believe if your looking for an enjoyable and fulfilling way to kill some time while not taking things too seriously or perhaps become involved with a decent online community, RS3 is your thing to do. If your looking for RuneScape gold a feeling of achievement you have spent online, compared to OSRS is the way to go. If you're looking for RuneScape with longevity though, I'd suggest RS3, despite it's own bunch of issues and despite what OSRS gamers will tell you, and need to believe themselves, OSRS is not going in a good direction long term. Community wise, together with the toxicity of the community and also the complete resistance to anything that contrasts with their nostalgia, Jagex will eventually have to choose between satisfying it's old player base and maintaining their newer player base altogether.

Another matter with skilling and PvM is the absence of progression, there's little to no difference between what you do in an ability at level 3 than what it is you're performing at level 90 and outside. Same goes for PvM, before you arrive at the tail-end of it, you will fight monsters exactly the exact same manner for hours and hours. People today consider progression as"numbers heading up" but it lacks a whole lot of depth in just like 80 percent of it. It's also a encounter. If you're skilling for training or resources combat at particular areas it's almost like you want to avoid running into players because they may get in the way of your practice.

I really like how osrs is a sandbox mmo rather than the traditional theme park mmo. I select my avenues and work towards my own goals wether it's to grind out a skill for a particular journal or a quest released 10 years ago with a good reward. I am able to leave and pick up RuneScape in 1 year old and that I dont need to play catch up since I missed a ton of dailies or my equipment isnt considered obsolete and shit because I missed 2 new dungeons or raids. I typically dislike mmos, particularly theme park mmos because I dont need to treat them like another job/a job to keep myself applicable. There's also no sentimental value to plenty of Best OSRS Gold site the items because I know they're gonna become outdated in the next big patch. In osrs I will obtain an infernal cape and use this shit with pride because it has been one of, if not the most prestigious item in RuneScape for 3 years. Give me a mythical item in WoW and it is going to become obsolete within the next raid.

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Why I've been there drama RS
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