Ductile casting is a very useful product

How to remove iron from cast iron bushing surface?

Ductile casting is a kind of workpiece produced after ductile casting. This kind of workpiece has high strength after ductile casting, and its comprehensive degree is even comparable to that of steel. Under the condition of complex stress, it can also ensure very high strength, toughness and wear resistance. It is necessary to remove the iron on the surface of ductile castings when producing ductile castings. Let our Xiangchang Fan manufacturer tell you how to remove it.

On any surface, free iron rusts and corrodes stainless steel. Therefore, it must be removed. Floating powder can generally be removed together with dust. Some have strong adhesion and must be treated as embedded iron.

In addition to dust, there are many sources of surface iron, including cleaning with ordinary carbon steel wire brush, shot blasting with sand, glass beads or other abrasives previously used on ordinary carbon steel, low alloy steel or iron castings, or grinding the above-mentioned non-stainless steel products near stainless steel parts and equipment. If no protective measures are taken for stainless steel during blanking or hoisting, iron on steel wire ropes, slings and countertops can easily embed or stain the surface.

Have you learned something? Ductile casting is a very useful product, and attention should be paid to these details during production to ensure the quality. Xinghangfan can produce all kinds of precision machining equipmen. if you want to know or buy anything, you can contact us directly: https://www.chinaxcfan.com/

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Ductile casting is a very useful product
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