How do I Make My Baby More Comfortable in a Bassinet?


Babies have it a little rough when it comes to sleeping since it is recommended that no blankets, stuffed animals, or pillows be allowed in their crib or bassinet for the first year. Still, there are several options for helping your baby feel more comfortable sleeping in their bassinet with bassinet sheet.

First, keep your baby near you when they are in their bassinet. Babies love being held and comforted by their parents and their parents presence helps them feel safe, just like they did in the womb. By placing the bassinet next to your bed, you’re allowing your little one to rest in the comfort of knowing their parents are closeby. 

Swaddling your baby will also help them to feel more comfortable. Babies are adjusting to the world after being tightly held inside of the womb. For this reason, babies feel comforted when they are tightly (but safely) wrapped up in a swaddle. Swaddling also helps regulate your baby’s temperature which will help them sleep more soundly and without interruption. You could also try asleep sack for a safer, simpler alternative to swaddling!

By investing in a higher quality bassinet with bassinet sheet you may be able to ensure your baby feels more comfortable. Higher quality materials can provide safety to little ones without skimping on the comfort they desperately crave as well. Similarly, doing your research on more affordable options with higher reviews may help you avoid purchasing an uncomfortable bassinet that babies have been dissatisfied with. 

Last, get to know your baby. You will learn which pajamas they feel most comfortable in, which swaddles they prefer, and the perfect environment for them to sleep in. This will take some time but as you get to know what your baby prefers and what the best routine is for your family, you will better be able to help them get comfortable in their bassinet with bassinet sheet.

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How do I Make My Baby More Comfortable in a Bassinet?
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