Waterproof Bassinet Sheets

It’s inevitable that your newborn is going to have some accidents while sleeping in their bassinet that can lead to wetness. That’s why I highly recommend that if you are going to buy bassinet sheets , go ahead and buy the waterproof ones!

Waterproof bassinet sheets are easy to clean and great for protecting the integrity of the mattress or pad that your baby is resting on. Buying these also means that you won’t have to worry about getting a waterproof mattress or pad to go with your bassinet.

Ely’s & Co makes a 100% Jersey cotton and eco-friendly waterproof bassinet sheet that is super popular among parents and one that we’ve used before as well in my family. The great thing about these particular sheets, other than being waterproof, is that they are meant to fit a variety of different shapes and sizes of bassinet because of the built-in elastic. Any roughly rectangular, oval, or oddly-shaped bassinet pad or mattress that is close to the standard 15×33 inch size should work!

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Waterproof Bassinet Sheets
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