Gardening with James Vaughn

Our family certainly took full advantage of the good weather during the bank holiday last weekend.We have carried on some long garden tasks that we have put long fingers on.I organized some of the corner fruit trees that formed our labyrinth walls.Since this season's growth began, I can see that these plants are providing a full screen.
We also removed some extra stones to make way for some sidewalks.These stones will be used to lay the left and right sides of the pavement.It is then covered with mulch to keep weeds from growing.In this way, the walkway around the garden will be paved and the mulch will ensure that weeds do not grow again.
Our orchard
Our efforts in the orchard have paid off recently.Thankfully, we've picked a lot of currants and strawberries over the past few days.There were few slugs and snails in our garden, so most of our strawberries were unharmed.This is because we constantly feed the wild birds during the winter.They doggedly ate every slug and snail they could find.The currants are from plants that we planted three or four years ago.It wasn't until this year that they actually started showing up and offering fruit.
Strawberries are easy to grow and a fun crop to grow with children because if planted at the right time, they will bear fruit soon after planting.Plant stems or seedlings in the spring or fall, and the next year, starting in late spring, you'll have plenty of delicious strawberries.If you don't have a big garden, you can still grow strawberries.Strawberries can also be grown in flowerpots and hanging baskets.
Use a deep bowl at least 15 cm wide and plant one strawberry in each bowl.They thrive in moist but well-drained conditions, so use soil-based compost with a deep layer of gravel or crushed gross at the bottom.One benefit of growing strawberries in a pot is that the fruit is harder for slugs and snails to get.
If you have more space, you can plant strawberry plants on a growing bag.A growth bag can support six to eight strawberry plants, especially if you place one bag on top of another and cut holes around the bag to allow the roots to penetrate to full depth.If you're growing strawberries in containers, it's important to remember to water them regularly.In fact, in last week's weather, it was very important to water the plants in the container regularly.
Our garden
The potatoes and Onions we planted earlier this year are really starting to grow.Potatoes were bitten by a night frost a few weeks ago, but have bounced back.Onions are probably one of the easiest vegetables to grow.We almost always use Onions as a seed coat.This ensures easy growth and storage of Onions to see us through the winter


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Gardening with James Vaughn
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