RuneScape gold​ for those reasons

Alot of people did although everyone did not quit. OSRS having nearly 3 times the participant numbers while being an extremely outdated game kind of talks for just how much people didn't like EOC and the MTX. RuneScape was huge and it is going to be a long time until it dies because of how invested people are in RuneScape. I dislike MTX but still play RuneScape every day since I love it despite its own problems. Not everyone play for exactly the same reasons though and for a few the"contest" aspect was significantly diminished with the introduction of MTX, and others believed that their accomplishments didn't mean as much due to MTX. I think that it's completely fine to play RuneScape gold for those reasons so I don't blame people for stopping for this.

I suggest you put more work into your news releases that are original may? There's not when folks read through and enough information and they place their opinions extremely early. that individuals have all of the information right from the beginning release a movie describing of the notions and the reasoning behind it. "Fastest" accomplishments ought to depend on time spent on game - not first come, first serve. Just like how King of the Ability functioned. Otherwise you're simply giving a win that is complimentary to the no-lifers who play with 16 hours every day. How is anybody with a full time occupation intended to compete with that?

I mean it is pretty clear runescape gold 2107 mode is not intended for individuals with jobs. Just gives people who have a lot of time on their hands somerhing else to do once they max/if they dont need to max. After reading the article again it really seems as if you're able to finish items at your own pace and still receive the rewards (like in POE). So I really don't see why this mode could not appeal to all players. Why not create? Why isn't that ever a choice with RuneScape? I don't think I'll vote for this idea.

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RuneScape gold​ for those reasons
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