Describing OSRS as picture of RuneScape match

Remember that the younger players are also part of cheap RS gold  osrs' future. Rather than maintaining the nostalgia hungry 2007 age players, I'd imagine the aim for jagex would be to grow their playerbase. Specially when something such as toggleable HD images could bring lots of new players (ik it is harder for future content etc.) without creating current playerbase to evaporate. Throughout Corona I've seen alot of new people playing who've picked up RuneScape game on mobile, so I would imagine that the playerbase keeps becoming less of"actual 2007 players" as the time continues.. Like someone pointed out already, new players join for RuneScape gameplay and marginally unique grindy accomplishments gameplay, but I doubt that anyone picked RuneScape game because they discovered images appealing.

Not necessarily, although younger players are a significant part of the future of Jagex OSRS. What is now RS3 was supposed to be a sport that earn new/younger gamers as they added graphics, and could retain current players as they got older through consistent high quality updates. What ended up happening is that they made OSRS win back some of those older players and to try they had lost through design choices in the game. They didn't expect it come anywhere near outpacing the game, or to be very powerful.

They're currently in an awkward place where OSRS is successful because it fills a market of bringing older players, but RS3 does not appear that effective at attracting brand players. By attempting to make huge changes to OSRS geared towards younger that they might end up killing the niche that's making OSRS successful now. Many, many folks don't consider OSRS or the graphics poor, and several do not want them changed. They are also really significant to the branding/identity of osrs.

If you start altering the graphics you lose the capability to market RS3 and OSRS to new gamers. Describing OSRS as picture of RuneScape match from where it was in 2007 but using new updates that are consistent with the design philosophy of this time is comparatively easy to explain to people not knowledgeable about RuneScape game, but the difference between it and RS3 becomes murky real fast when you make images changes.

Every new piece of content requires double the work from a graphics standpoint to release, meaning updates that are slower, and some upgrades potentially becoming cost prohibitive. RuneScape sport will become more costly and OSRS buy gold time consuming for Jagex to develop, so that you can have.

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Describing OSRS as picture of RuneScape match
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