RuneScape Spring Update

I don't need an Expansion model. I'd rather quit RuneScape, and OSRS gold come back and perform every 3 months rather than pay every single month with nothing to do for 2 months. I'd like to learn what's forthcoming. You do not need to tell me all the details or reveal every part of content (keep a few a key ) but share something. Let us provide feedback so you don't have of trying to fix 5 weeks.

Because the the gambling trends of TH is bad, diamond Dozen was good at removing choice. That being said, you replacing it with advertising XP directly. That's replacing one problem with another issue. Sure you can't turn some things off. But that doesn't mean turn on MORE matters. Yak Track is an additional MTX maybe not a replacement. Oddments are an extra kind of MTX, not a replacement/improvement. Where gamers can buy XP, oddments just act as a different tool.

In Terms of Holiday Events. I keep wondering this, but does Jagex understand the Home pursuit wasn't the Halloween Event. There was a Halloween event AND Broken Home. 2 parts of articles. For some reason Jagex believes it was the sole bit of content. Also, how often do we have to state,"MINIQUEST EVENTS"? OSRS does this and has for years, and everyone loves it. And from miniquest, I don't indicate that Valentine's"quest" in which you just talk to NPCs and use a product on something. Go back and see the old holiday events to find out what they should be like.

I like what was mentioned in the TLDR, but I agree with you, they need to considering what worked before they reinvent the wheel. I would not mind expansions if the quantity of content would suit at the very least a couple of play. Arch is not a bad example of the expansion version functioning, but they should not let another Menaphos happen, also Anachronia was fantastic on launch, however they dropped it instantly and didn't touch it for so long until they revamped Farm/Herb and then didn't touch it until Arch. Content involving growth must round out the growth or tie the expansions.

The Ninja attack system is tbh, although I despise ninja weeks. While these strikes seem to compliment the growth and the overall experience, ninja weeks were outs for content droughts. MTX/Bxp/events must tie into the expansions/things players are currently doing. Events are intrusive and distracting. Back when I cared about completing occasions, I felt like I had been missing out when I didn't 100 percent the event and while performing the events was the countless things I'd rather do than that occasion. When Arch came out, instead of an idiotic event like Slime events or the Plague Doctor, about events which have something.Exactly why does the item must be announced or made known in any way? 1 alternative would be to not reveal the product, let us say Yew logs are selected as the thing for that day. No one will know until the following item is to be chosen, and the buyout won't happen, so whenever the merchandise is changed the yes logs obtained in the day before and a new item will be selected. If someone guesses the product 27, should make it quite literally impossible for everyone to cheap RuneScape gold game the system on purpose, it could be 100% luck.

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RuneScape Spring Update
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