How to Treat Fibromyalgia

Nights full of tossing and turning--whether [url=https://supplementdiary.com/vertigo-and-dizziness-program-review/] Vertigo And Dizziness Program [/url] caused by the discomfort of a bad mattress or some other issue--can lead to neck discomfort.Sleeping too little can make neck tension worse.You can see where this is going: An escalating cycle emerges. Spoor sleep worsens neck pain, which in turn robs a person of good sleep.Take an honest look at your sleep environment and habits. If you can address whatever makes quality sleep difficult, you just might solve neck trouble as well.

Cause 2: You're experiencing plain old stress.No surprise here. If you have neck pain, chances are high that a stress component is at work. Once mental stress is figured in, this can add even more tightness, discomfort, and pain to the neck and shoulders.If stress is part of the picture, treating the pain alone may not fix the whole problem. You'll need to address stress itself. Regular exercise as well as yoga, acupuncture, Pilates, and meditation are all recommended for effective reduction of stress.Cause 3: You might have an injury, strain, or vertebral/disc issue.

A nagging problem could indicate a more serious underlying issue. Perhaps it's time for a visit to a doctor or other spinal professional to rule out misalignments or conditions that call for additional therapy. And remember, it doesn't always take a new trauma for pain to flare up. That sports accident back in high school could be coming back to haunt you. Only a professional can help you get to the bottom of stubborn or recurring pain.Cause 4: You aren't taking advantage of all methods to relieve your neck discomfort.Maybe it's time to think more broadly. If neck pain has not responded to treatment with cold, heat, or stretching, you might consider some holistic methods of pain relief. These include acupuncture (particularly trigger point therapy), chiropractic, massage, or yoga. Sometimes it takes a village!


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How to Treat Fibromyalgia
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