Persistence Or Luck? What it Takes to Succeed May Surprise You!

Frederick Smith said "The  Becoming Limitless Marine Corps is the best when it comes to teaching people how to lead other folks." Smith made the most out of his military training, which was a foundation for his ultimate success at forming and maintaining Fed Ex. What have we learned from our experiences and how can we better utilize them? Who are some of the people that have greatly influenced us? Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson and Father Vince Capodanno were two people who had a big influence on Smith. Sergeant Jackson was Smith's platoon sergeant in the Corps. When Smith first met Sergeant Jackson, he had grown a mustache and smoked cigars. Smith wanted to look older than 22 years old. Sergeant Jackson told Smith, "Well, the first thing, shave off that ridiculous mustache, and quite smoking the cigars  because you look absurd and be yourself." Sergeant Jackson told Smith the he "looked like a smooth-faced kid trying to be something that he wasn't." Smith said what Sergeant Jackson said stuck with him to this day.

Father Capodanno was Smith's battalion chaplain, who received the Congressional Medal of Honor. In 1966, Father Capodanno was assigned to Vietnam, with the Third Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment. On September 4, 1967 he was killed in action, in Que Son Valley. He was giving last rites to wounded and dying Americans in the heat of battle. Father Capodanno showed the utmost in self-sacrifice. Most people, including Smith, though it was an honor to have known such a great man.


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Persistence Or Luck? What it Takes to Succeed May Surprise You!
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