People got to the efficiency aspect RuneScape

I don't think in substantial shift from PvM to buy OSRS gold  skilling, unless the whole gameplay has been redesigned to a lot more engaging than the usual"click on a tree after a ten minutes". Really was not around here but I get back at a day RS under Gowers was shaping up to be towards adventure sport (as opposed to cookie clicker grinder or ability requiring arpg with endgame pvm), and that is the direction I wish it took if we're talking on the theme of"what should RS took unconventional route".

People got to the efficiency aspect. I believe it was worst when dungeoneering came out, race to get then and 99/120 200m really put everyone into a mindset that is rushing. Then people began grinding effigies for runecrafting and all the other bullshit that was meant to perfect and maximize approaches. Waterfall quest hurried to instantly get a head start when OSRS came out, rather than everybody simply killing cows or goblins. I recall the need of becoming efficient plaguing me aswell, kill goblins and I wanted to just jump on, but I felt as I would waste two hours lvling from 1-30 if I can perform waterfall and get exactly the identical result. Then AHK, EXP, tick manipulation took the fun from RuneScape.

This reminds me when I got back into OSRS and I completely forgot a whole lot about RuneScape and then went to go kill cows, etc and it wasn't until I was like 25 att/str I realized that waterfall pursuit was a thing and once I did this and looked into effective approaches it was difficult to revert back.If tick manipulation and efficacy took the pleasure out of it for you, that is on you not the other players tbh. I find part of the fun is attempting to strike other times I only wish to unsuccessful boss with ge stand or friends for a few hours, max exp rates. Play how you want!

Be poor like me and play as a iron man. I'm farming my own cocunuts and jumps to safeguard my magic and mahogany trees as I can not justify buying those. I was making my own boards to cut on the price of maxing my home at about half. I'm gradually leveling by performing any and my battle staves that I get out of Wyvren drops crafting and I'm charging my air orbs from the drops. This and I disagree heartily. Most games RS, have more enjoyable content of development.

I played RS for 6 years as a kid; why do I wish to squander MORE hours in OSRS fighting goblins, replaying content I had played heaps of times, rather than making significant progress to things I have not played before? I have an Ironman if I want to do this. Additionally, there's a lot of debate and fun to be had about progression and gameplay. Hell, look at Framed's current movie on"how far can I get an account from scratch in 24 hours". Really interesting video and concept IMO.That simply seems like you realized logging on to kill goblins for two hours from 1-30 was dumb and not fun. Congratulations on becoming a bit smarter and runescape 3 gold recognizing that time is precious even in games.

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People got to the efficiency aspect RuneScape
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