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Success - Why It Could Be Delayed

Planning for success at 7 Day Prayer Miracle anything first requires setting goals you can actually achieve and then taking action to do so! Our discussion above looks at the usefulness of having a plan that contain the 3 criteria previously mentioned! It is simply not good enough to establish a course of action unless this plan is both realistic and adaptable to any changes you may encounter! Failure to meet all the criteria discussed above will merely result in having a plan that will get you nothing other than frustrated and discouraged!

One of the things that continues to surprise me at my workshops is that once people have identified what they really would like to do with their lives, when they have finally discovered their own life purpose, quite often they will immediately begin to put obstacles in their own path. For example, there was an occasion when one person told me he really wanted to be a teacher. He told me that he had always wanted to teach so it didn't take much thinking about what he wanted to do for this deep inner desire (calling or vocation) to resurface. Naturally, I asked him why he had not gone into that profession and his answer was that it was not well enough paid.

Now I can completely relate to what the young man said. The way he saw things was that he had a responsibility to provide for his family and he did not see how that responsibility could be compatible with the idea of taking a job doing what he really wanted to do with his life. You might be thinking that his family would be better off with a man who was happy in his work even if the pay was not as good as it might be, and that might be true. But I wanted to open his eyes to the fact that the obstacle he perceived was entirely in his own mind.

So actually, I pointed out to him that there were teaching jobs that were very well paid. A friend of mine earns around £1,000 ($1,627) per day teaching, for example. He teaches adults as a contractor working with various training organisations - a very good return for his investment of time, by most people's standards. Of course, I don't know if this person ever decided to think more seriously about his desire to teach. It might have been very easy for him to have identified further obstacles that would continue to prevent him from making progress.

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Success - Why It Could Be Delayed
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